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TAIZHOU RONGXIN NEW MATERIAL CO. LTD is a factory specializing in producing in mold label in China. It is located in LINHAI-TAIZHOU. We introduce new advanced print and laminate machine which can supply maximum 9 color printing.  Besides the traditional PP IML, we also supply PS IML, metallic effect IML and embossed effect IML, raser effect IML, Rainbow effect IML and so on.
We provide high quality products and services to both domestic and foreign customers in food, chemical, outdoor furniture and other industries, and our products are exported to more than 50 countries. We strictly implement ISO9001 quality certification system, our products have passed SGS, ROHS certification. We assure you we will complete your order timely and in good quality to enable your ordered products can enter into your next production line smoothly.


IML Advantages

Maximum printing quality
The in mold label can enhance the anti-counterfeit function of the product and also increase brand protection needs of high standard enterprises.

Environment friendly
The in mold label can improve the health and safety of the packaged products and eliminate environmental pollution caused by secondary printing.

Excellent recycling performance
The in mold label is made of PP materials, therefore it can be crushed and reused with the container without stripping . plastic products with IML can be eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

Wide range of looks and feel options
The in mold label provides high resolution colors and images for labels, IML is compatible with a wide range of colors and can be displayed on both sides of the package, it can make laser, aluminum and other special effects, so that the product packaging grade will be greatly improved.

Durability, strong and hygienic
The in mold label can not easy to peel off and it is a permanent design method with excellent impact and scratch resistance because it fuses permanently to the container. And it also have other functions like waterproof, oil proof and mildew proof.

For mass production, in-mold labeling containers take less time to manufacture because it is produced and decorated in one step to form a single product. in-mold labeling is typically more cost-efficient because it is without the expense of time, labor and floor space.

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