Common problems and improvement measures of in-mold labeling products

01 Product deformation

The selection of the shrinkage ratio of the label paper material plays an important role in the production process. The shrinkage ratio of the label paper material is different, and the product will be affected and deformed (bottle body bulges and concave on both sides). At present, the material used in the in-mold label material market shrinks after being heated, which is the characteristic of most plastic films, but the shrinkage rate of different films is different, and the plastic bottle will shrink when it is cooled. When the rate is increased, the bottle body will be deformed. In order to solve the product deformation, the average thickness of the product is generally required to be less than 1.2 ram (including the thickness of the label), and the wall thickness should be as uniform as possible. In addition, by adjusting the injection molding process and optimizing the mold structure design, the problem of product deformation can also be effectively solved.

02 bubbles

The mold design structure is unreasonable, and it is easy to cause the product shape change, deformation, bulge, and poor exhaust during the production process, resulting in bubbles during the labeling process. Unreasonable bottle design such as round bottle body, stepped bottle body and uneven label caused by hot stamping are the main reasons for the appearance of bubbles. Hot stamping is not easy to generate air bubbles, and the in-mold label can use two hot and cold stamping techniques. In order to avoid the convex and concave deformation of the in-mold label material, and the poor exhaust air to produce air bubbles, cold bronzing technology is recommended under the premise that the customer accepts its visual effect. The parisons are solidified together, and the volatilized gas will not be able to be eliminated smoothly and form bubbles.

03 2 or several pieces of label stick together

It is rare for 2 or several pieces of label paper to stick to the container at the same time, but it can lead to the appearance of distorted labels and dropped labels. The robot absorbs the labels by vacuum adsorption. Too large vacuum suction or too large friction factor between labels are the main reasons for multiple or double sheets. Adjusting the vacuum suction of the robot and effectively eliminating static electricity is an effective method to solve the problem of label stick together.

Post time: Oct-14-2022